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Dell beats Apple at Industrial Design

Apple is generally known as the ultimate masters of industrial design.  Sure, they’re pretty good at marketing and pretty good at designing simple, intuitive user experiences that satisfy 90% of customers’ needs.  But the thing they really do well is package their products to make them sleek and beautiful. 

I have to say that the magsafe power plugs are really cool.  But the way you have to wrap the power cords around the main transformer unit (undoubtedly actually a switching power supply with hardly an inductor to be found anywhere) is pretty weak.  Those fold out clippy things are flimsy and don’t really hold the cord very well either. 

Compare that to the power supplies that Dell supplies for its latitude laptops, where the main transformer unit is somewhat rounded like a spool specifically designed to have long thick power cords wrapped around it.  And the elastic belt is just genius.  That’s exactly how a laptop power supply should stow its cords. 

Eat your heart out, Apple.  Dell totally beat you at your own game on this one.

Laptop chargers compared

  1. […] Apple MacBook Pro power supply on the left. Dell Latitude power supply on the right. The Dell one is a masterful piece of industrial design. The apple one, pretty clumsy. Ironic? My thoughts. […]

  2. […] MagSafe power connector.  I never need to worry about tripping over my laptop’s charger and having my expensive laptop flung off the table.  That’s a nice patent.  I wonder how broad it is.  Really, alot of plugs could be magnetic.  But honestly I think that most new consumer electronics won’t need any cables in about 10 years.  In about 5 years, Bluetooth (or its ilk) will handle data interconnects, and in another 5 years, we’ll be charging our batteries without plugs either by using inductive battery chargers or smart wire arrays that automatically couple to any device placed on them.  I also have to say that while the magsafe plug is great, Apple has a few things to learn from Dell about how to build the charger unit. […]