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Free IP-geo location services

I’ve been installing OS’s a bunch lately.  Every time I do the installer asks me what part of the world I’m in so it can set the timezone.  This totally seems like 20th century technology to me.  There are really accurate IP-geo lookup databases these days that can tell from your IP address where you are in the world pretty reliably.  So once the OS has my network stack working, why does it need to ask me what part of the world I’m in?

When it comes to installing something free like Ubuntu, it seems that there’s a real "you-get-what-you-pay-for" situation here.  Premium services are highly accurate.  But free services like are barely breaking 50% accuracy right now.  But even though it thought my IP address was in the middle of the San Francisco bay, that is at least in the correct timezone. has the right goal of creating puclicly accessibly web services APIs.  In fact their API is beautiful.  So please, go contribute to their database and help improve the accuracy.  Then we’ll never need to tell the computers what timezone we’re in — they’ll just know.  And we all want the computers to get smarter, don’t we? thinks you’re in this country:

IP Address Lookup

Wrong?  Please correct it.

  1. geoplugin says:

    Just to update an old blog entry, things have moved on and some databases are more out of date than others…

    geoPlugin allows free unlimited access to MaxMinds city database through its webservice.

    In addition, you can find nearby places and use their live currency converter.

    see especially the examples page for detailed coded working geolocation examples

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