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A Small Tip when Setting up a Raid array

If you’re building a RAID array for your home, or somewhere else that isn’t super-industrial-strength enterprise, here’s a tip.  Get each hard drive as a different brand.  That way it’s way easier to tell them apart.  If your drives are identical save for a serial number, and one of them crashes, the raid controller will tell you the serial number of the crashed drive, and then you need to figure out which of your drives to pull and replace based on that, and you probably try it by just unplugging each of them and seeing when the system thinks it’s still got a valid drive.  But if they’re different brands of drive, then the BIOS or whatever is running your raid system will tell you exactly which one is dead, by name.

Another good reason is that whole batches of drives sometimes get manufacturing defects.  So if you get 3 or 4 drives from the same batch with sequential serial numbers, they might all have the same defect.  So the odds of 2 drives crashing at once are much lower if they came from different factories.  Most RAID schemes can survive a single drive failure, but few can survive multiple.

That’s all.

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