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Apparent Google Bias

First, I’d like to welcome everybody landing here after searching for something on Google.  I hope you find what you’re looking for.  I know Google has been crawling my site nearly since its launch, and I’ve been passively wondering when would this site show up in Google’s search index.  It’s been in Yahoo and MSN for ages, and getting more and more links from high profile sites all the time.  Well I just got the answer: as soon as I gave Google money.  Surprised?  As a birthday present to myself, I bought a few adwords like:

Your Brain in a Jar
Scared about the future? Don’t be.
You’ll be happier without a body.
Robot Revolution
Scared about the future? Don’t be.
It’ll be better when they take over.

I plop a few bucks into an adwords account and almost instantly the site shows up in the public search index, with a whopping pagerank of 2.  Not high enough that it was an obvious mistake to omit it from the index, but also not so low that it clearly doesn’t deserve to be in the index because there are other more important pages being indexed.  "Do no evil" they say.  This isn’t clearly a case of evil.  But it certainly seems like a bias.

  1. leodirac says:

    Okay, you've convinced me. I did a little digital archeology and noticed that traffic from google organic search started showing up the same day as I bought the adwords, possibly even a few hours before. There's no way that got added into the index that fast. Apologies for the implied slander.

  2. B says:

    Your evidence is still entirely circumstantial.

    Imagine for months you clap your hands and look outside expecting to see a red car. It never happens. Then, you buy a new car. Next time you clap your hands, you see a red car.

    You would conclude, given your logic, that somehow, buying that car "caused" things to change.


    ps. How long do you think it takes Google to build a new index? Under 24 hours?

  3. leodirac says:

    I'm 99% confident the relationship is directly causal. I actually have a fair bit of data to support this. Over the months I have noted every time a prominent site links to my site because there's a bump in referral traffic. I have poked around in google's internal webmaster tools trying to understand why my site wasn't being indexed. They reported hundreds of links from outside. The site was being crawled daily. Part of the tools even said that various pages on my site had a pagerank assigned. The diagnostics from the internal tools was always along the lines of "Not sure why your site isn't being indexed, but sometimes the index takes a while to update. Be patient." It was like this for months.

    Within 24 hours of buying adwords, my site was in the index. Coincidence? I doubt it. This definitely was not a result of more people linking to the site from having seen the adwords. I know how many external links there are and about when they showed up, and how many times people have seen the ads. It happened way too fast for that to be the reason.

    I suspect there was some bug in the index generator that got kicked by the adwords system.

  4. B says:

    1) You are suggesting a rather strong conclusion with a single data point.

    2) Correlation does not imply causality.

    3) And even if it *is* causal, it may not be directly causal. You buy adwords. More people see your site. More people link to your site. Your site is more highly ranked.

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