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Yahoo claims to launch legal lyrics service, but where is it?

Everybody’s reporting this morning stories about how Yahoo has launched the first legal lyrics website.  This is an impressive feat considering how complex rights to song lyrics are.  Two companies, Gracenote (formerly CDDB) and a Canadian startup, LyricFind, have been working for years to aggregate the rights to popular song lyrics to create such an offering.  At CES this year, both were actively trying to drum up business.  LyricFind has partnered with AMG to distribute their lyrics.  Yahoo chose the better-established Gracenote as their data provider.

I’ve spent some time looking around this morning, and I can’t find any lyrics on Yahoo.  Anywhere.  Maybe they pushed it out and realized it couldn’t take the load and pulled the plug?  Or maybe it just didn’t get finished in time.  In any case, it appears to be a fascinating case of vaporware.  Either that or the implementation is absolutely atrocious, which I doubt.

If any can figure out repro steps to display lyrics on Yahoo, please leave a comment.

[Update 11:45 am: Techcrunch reports that the lyrics will be live "later today."]


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