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Outlook 2007 hangs when receiving e-mail

I recently started using Outlook 2007 for corporate e-mail as a POP3 client.  Since "upgrading" whenever I receive e-mail, the whole system locks up for about 3-15 seconds.  Doing something.  Who knows what.  Task Manager says Outlook has the CPU, but it’s got it with a high enough priority thread that basically nothing else can run.  No other office apps.  Even Firefox is non-responsive.

Now my machine isn’t the switftest deer in the forest.  But it’s got a 2GHz processor and 2 GB of ram so it’s not exactly archaic.  What takes so long I have no idea.  After a bit of wrestling I managed to disable the on-anything virus scanner, so I know it’s not that.  Indexing the messages for searching is my best guess.  If I could figure out how to uninstall the MS/Live Desktop Search App I would, but it conveniently forgot to add itself to the add/remove programs list.

I’m sorely tempted to switch to gmail for my corporate e-mail interface.  I admit I haven’t yet made it past the first step of the 3 standard Microsoft troubleshooting techniques.  But I know others who are having similar problems so I suspect it wouldn’t help.  Overall Office 2007 is a pretty nice product once you get used to the menu shuffling.  But it runs painfully slowly.  I guess this is the trend for MS software which supports their symbiosis with Intel — code for the next generation of hardware to encourage upgrades.  The idea being that more CPU power supports a more compelling user experience.  Personally, I haven’t been convinced that the upgrade is worth it yet.  I’m more often impressed with a good web UI than a new flashy aero-glass UI.

  1. Steven Fey says:

    I just got here because I had the exact problem. I did what Jakob suggests above and it cured the issue completely. I’m typing this using Firefox, so I’m not a Microsoft apologist, but I do have to say that simply saying “I don’t use Microsoft!” is only making life more difficult. In business, Microsoft will let you essentially work with everyone else without any tweaking at all. Still, they can be very frustrating, and their help tends to go into a level of detail that I can’t believe even Bill Gates could appreciate.

    Thanks for the help!


  2. leodirac says:

    Thanks for the tip. I'm glad that worked for you. I'm pretty sure that at the time I tried disabling all search indexers because I suspected they were part of the problem. Of course YMMV. But now that I think about it more, I remember that I couldn't figure out how to uninstall live search which I found annoying so maybe I never figured out how to disable it either.

  3. I have had the exact same experience and it was killing me. The solution is to disable the live desktop search indexing for Outlook in the preferences (right click on the magnifying glaas icon in the tray bottom right on your screen), edit and deselect Outlook (and anything else if you want it to stop completely).
    Enjoy fast(er) Outlook again.

  4. leodirac says:

    Why yes, I do have a suggestion! You're really not stuck with Microsoft at all. Try gmail. It comes with a free, hosted mail service or you can use it as a UI to read an existing email account through POP3. If you'd like to keep your existing email address, it will appear to send email using a non-gmail address. It has gobs of storage, near-instant full-text searching, filtering rules, built-in chat and much more. You can also access it securely at if you're concerned about your mail getting sniffed as you read it, as I am. With the recent performance improvements, it is also quite fast.

  5. Jerome says:

    I've started using Outlook 2007 in September. After I decided to update the security issues and using the tasks feature, the whole outlook 2007 freezes and I was never ever been able to access my emails again. It just wouldn't load as if it's sucking up all the resources and going in cycles. I've tried all the recommended solutions that I can find online, but it's still not working. Finally, I give up and un-installed the whole office 2007 SB package. I definitely think that MS Office 2007 should be shelved. MS is still very quiet about it. Any suggestions for another email managing software? Looks like we will be stuck with MS for a long time.

  6. leodirac says:

    You can easily start your own revolution. Just stop using Microsoft products. There are lots of fabulous alternatives out there, many of them free. Getting your corporate overlords to follow suit might require a bit more of a mutinous uprising though.

  7. Joseph says:

    Can we start a revolution? F$#king unacceptable that Microsoft has let this problem persist.

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