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5 minute Primer on Venture Capital Term Sheets & Liquidation Preference

Here’s my deck from my recent Ignite/Gnomedex talk, hosted in web-viewable format by  Thanks for the tip, Dave!  If you’d like to read what I said to go along with the slides, download the PPT and read along in the notes section.

I’m really pleased that a bunch of people seem to have found this talk useful.  I’m not trying to give away any secrets, and I’m definitely not saying either side is good or bad in these situations.  But by explaining how things work, I’m trying to move a little bit in the direction of openness in these financial transactions, which economically speaking pretty much always makes things more efficient and prosperous.  I’m hearing an increasing cry for showing more graphs in term sheets to explain what’s going on.  I think this is a fabulous idea.

  1. rashmi says:

    Enjoyed your slides. If you have a podcast of the talk, then consider creating a slidecast. Or add your notes as comments to each slides.

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