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Why build your app in Facebook?

Almost every information service can be made more valuable by the addition of social networking metadata.  So if you’re thinking about launching a new information service you currently have three choices in this regard:

  • Build your app without social networking data
  • Start from scratch with your own social network
  • Integrate your app with Facebook

The third choice is so simple, it is the obvious best choice for most new information services.  As I see it, this is the fundamental power of the Facebook platform and why they’re going to go very, very far.

  1. Andrew Musselman says:

    Here is Six Apart's announcement of things to come:

  2. leodirac says:

    The level of integration with facebook doesn't affect how much data of theirs you can use in your app. Almost nothing can be stored for more than 24 hours, regardless of how tightly coupled your app is. If you want to keep your app separate, you can use facebook for just login and keep the UI completely separate, polling their webservices for all the same data that you can get through FBML. FBML is just a display convenience. Integration into facebook's UI definitely gives you strong marketing opportunities, which is a good reason to do it.

    I agree there are many good opportunities to make social networking data more open. And I agree that the trick is monetizing it. I'm very curious to see what Brad Fitzpatrick comes up with at Google. I know he was working on some ideas at Six Apart that had promise but IMHO weren't going far enough.

  3. Josh Wright says:

    The issue, as I see it, is that you are fairly restricted on integrating Facebook data unless you are creating your app entirely within the Facebook ecosystem. I believe there exists an opportunity from another social networking site to create an API set that allows integration with no limits on where the integration occurs. Of course, monetizing that may be tricky…

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