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Bluenile Children’s Organization

Seattle Times just ran a story about a local non-profit that I’m quite fond of.  Blue Nile Children’s Organization has been supporting orphans in Ethiopia for years.  For $30/month donors, mostly local to Seattle, provide Ethiopian children with basic necessities and access to education.  Now they’re expanding the scope of their support by building a medical clinic in Addis Adaba.  From the ground up.  It’s quite impressive.  It will be run by Ethiopian doctors, with regular visits from US and Candian physicians who will help both provide care and train the local staff in specialty procedures.

If you’d like to hear more about BNCO, consider coming to their annual fund-raising Gala on February 21st.  Guaranteed good food and entertainment on top of all the worthwhile stuff.  Or read the Times story.  It mentions my wonderful fiance (did I mention that I’m engaged?) and her ongoing efforts to support the clinic.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it in person when it’s built and operating!

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