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Good April Fool’s Jokes

Nothing exciting here to report, but I thought I’d share pointers to some of the jokes I’ve stumbled upon that I like.

UniXKCD command line console

My favorite webcomic, Randall Monroe’s brilliant XKCD, is running a command-line version of itself today.  A few commands you might want to try include:

  • find
  • wget
  • Make me a sandwich
  • go west

Google renames itself to Topeka

In honor of Topeka, Kansas renaming itself Google in a bid to get ultra-high-speed broadband installed, Google has renamed itself Topeka today.  Although Google is well known for April Fool’s jokes I believe this is the first time any have been on the homepage.

YouTube’s TEXTp mode

YouTube has the option to render most any of its videos in ASCII by adding the &textp=fool parameter onto the URL.  Looking at bandwidth graphs I can’t tell if they’re actually sending ASCII over the wire, or doing the conversion client-side.  Fun trick though.

Bing’s funny cows

Bing has one of their defining pastoral pictures, this time literally bucolic, but with fake cows.  They’ve supposedly been bread to only make non-dairy creamer.  Glad you’re trying, folks.

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