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How to enable real-time collaboration in Google Docs word-processor

Google recently launched some major improvements to their online document-editing suite.  The spreadsheets are faster and more powerful.  But IMHO the most interesting change is an update to the word-processor (originally known as Writely) which allows for real-time collaboration.  Now the text documents act like the spreadsheets do. You can see where in the document your collaborators are working, and see each keystroke as they type them.  The immediacy of this collaboration removes concerns about synchronizing changes and whether or not your document has “saved” recently or not.

I was patiently waiting for the feature to be turned for my account, which wasn’t happening.  I kept getting the same old spreadsheet program.  But then I found the setting to enable it.  So I’m sharing with y’all an explanation of how you too can get these great new features.

Go to and click the select “Settings” link in the upper-right hand corner, and choose “Documents Settings”.

Then choose the “Editing” tab and check the checkbox next to “New version of Google documents”.

Now any new documents you create will use the new real-time editor.  And anybody you share them with will get the new features without having to set this up for their account.

  1. matteo says:

    Hanno importato le caratteristiche di etherpad, con le maggiori potenzialità degli strumenti di Google docs

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