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Omnipotent Self-Aware Botnets

My buddy Scotto wrote a play titled “When I come to my senses, I’m alive!” which will be performed at Annex Theater on April 23 –  May 22.  I read an early draft of the script and am quite excited to see it performed.

I don’t want to give too much away, but from watching the trailer you can tell it’s gonna be good.  The story explores “emoticlips” which are a way to digital encode and transmit emotions, like a podcast.  Drama heats up when a viagra ad shows up, something about blackmail.  And my favorite line asks if you’ve tried Googlingomnipotent self-aware botnets.”

I just saw a fun trailer for the play on YouTube, shared here for your convenience…

You can get your tickets now from Brown Paper.

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