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Space Weather

Recently some of my friends were discussing solar activity, and I learned that there’s a system for rating geomagnetic storms.  This recent one was a G3, which is fairly common and not that serious.  But about once per month on average there will be a G4 storm which can interfere with GPS navigation and even have the aurora visible as far south as California.

This kind of information and much more is available from a cool web site called Space Weather.  For example, did you know that just a week ago an asteroid got as close to the Earth as the moon is?  It was just a 27 m in size, so not earth destroying.  But these encounters are happening all the time.  Browsing around SpaceWeather a bit more and you’ll find great pictures of the sun like this one.  Or the current interplanetary magnetic field measured in nanoTeslas.

All in all, fun stuff.

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