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Why Republicans are better at staying on message

The dating site OkCupid has some brilliant mathematicians behind it.  They get you to answer all sorts of questions about your personal preferences to various situations or ideas, and then run mad statistics to figure out who would be good romantic partners for you.  It’s surprisingly effective.  I never had any good dates out of it, not that I tried many.  But it did an amazing job of recommending to me people who were close in my social circle, even though we had each entered the site anonymously.

In the course of learning about people’s personalities for helping them get dates, they also gather deep demographic data.  Recently they analyzed these data with respect to politics.  They show a series of graphs that would make Edward Tufte proud, analyzing people’s preferences along the political plane defined by permissiveness vs government control over economic and social issues.  They look at how these preferences change with age, and how relatively important each axis is.  Their conclusions match exit poll data quite nicely and demonstrate analytically that the Republican party is much more focused in the issues it cares about, while the Democratic party draws in people whose opinions are much more diverse.

It’s a long article, but I heartily encourage you to read it, or at least skim the diagrams and play with the animation on the 6th chart.  Nice analysis.  Very nice presentation.  Nice job, folks.

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