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Apple explains video chat to the world

It’s fascinating watching a disruptive technology cross the chasm. It’s a rare opportunity in one’s technical career to see this happen to a technology that one has been intimately involved with. That’s exactly what’s happening with video chat technology that I worked on at Google, as Apple pushes the technology into the early majority phase of adoption.  Crossing the Chasm is the name of a classic book on innovation by Geoffrey Moore which describes the process of taking a technology beyond just geeks.  The process is so difficult that Moore refers to it as the Chasm.  Apple is a master of technology strategy, so we can all benefit from watching them do this well.

To get across the chasm, your technology really needs to work well.  Apple seems to have done that with FaceTime.  But there’s more than just having it work — you also need to explain to the public why it’s important.  Here, Apple is just paying for that with traditional advertising.  They’re putting out lots of touching, heartwarming commercials showing the value of video chat.  Apple is spending millions of dollars to explain to people why they’ll like video chat. Primary demand stimulation.  They’re working to overcome people’s biases against  the technology or the idea — that it’s clunky, or the extremely common “I don’t want to see the people I’m talking to” reaction, which is really pretty funny when you think about it.  Of course, there will be some times when you will prefer audio only, but that’s going to be the exception when the technology is good enough.

It’s all playing out in a textbook fashion.  The geeks are all crying that there’s nothing new here, that this technology has been around forever, and they don’t understand why it’s such a big deal.  But it is a big deal, because video chat is finally entering the mainstream.

Some side-effects of this that I pointed out before, but are perhaps more clear now as the story unfolds, are that this will benefit existing established video chat vendors.  Apple is explaining to people that video chat matters.  This will help Skype and Google and Cisco with their products.

Speaking of Cisco, there’s another prediction coming true: Cisco is pushing into consumer video chat.  I had guessed 2012, but barely more than a week after my last post, they announce Cius, a video chat terminal.  Kinda like a Flip phone fused with a linksys router, but running Android and in a pretty nice looking case.

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