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Real-time Web Development in Python with Hookbox

Tonight I’m giving a guest lecture for a class on web development in Python.  I’m talking about building real-time web sites using Hookbox.  It draws on my experience building the software version of the Groovik’s cube. Here are the slides from the lecture:

Here are the slides from the talk.

I start out talking about the need for keeping a web page up to date. I talk about polling as a natural but expensive solution to this. Then I talk about how COMET works, a.k.a. hanging GET or long polling. Then I talk about the difficulties of building a COMET stack from scratch and why you shouldn’t. Then I talk about moving to a higher level of abstraction with hookbox and what a publish/subscribe pattern is. Then I build a demo app using hookbox for a simple web chat. The source code for the web chat example is at

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